Aggressive Bulldogs

Has your Bulldog recently started acting aggressively?  This behavior needs to be stopped before your Bulldog ends up hurting somebody.   So take our below tips and stop aggressive Bulldogs today.

Aggressive BulldogsBelow are some tips that will help you in stopping aggressive Bulldogs:

  • Your own aggressive behavior

    Did you know that if you act aggressively towards your Bulldog then they might in fact act aggressively in response?  Therefore you should never use aggressive means such as hitting or yelling as a way to punish your Bulldog.   Instead, if you do need to tell your Bulldog off, then do so by remaining calm and saying “no” in a firm voice.

  • Alpha leadership

    If your household doesn’t have a clear alpha leader, then your Bulldog may try and fulfill this role themselves.  One of the ways your Bulldog may try to do this is by acting out aggressively.  Therefore, to stop your Bulldog from acting aggressively in this way, you need to become the clear alpha leader instead.  Once your Bulldog sees you in this role then their aggressive behavior should recede.  The best way to establish yourself as this alpha leader is by doing everything before your Bulldog.  For instance, do not feed your Bulldog until you have finished eaten.  Secondly, make sure you always walk through a doorway before your Bulldog.

  • Feelings

    Did you know that dogs, including Bulldogs could sense your feelings?  Therefore if you are feeling scared then your Bulldog may act out aggressively as a means to protect you.  In certain circumstances this would be okay – such as if you were being robbed.  However, if you were just having a heated argument with your partner then it wouldn’t be quite okay.  Therefore, try to control your emotions and feelings as much as possible when around your pet, so that they don’t become aggressive Bulldogs.

  • Aggressive Bulldogs vs. Other Animals

    If your Bulldog starts acting aggressively towards another animal then this can be a little frightening.  However, try to remain as calm as possible.  If it is safe, separate both animals and take your Bulldog to a quiet location.  Once there, say “no” in a firm yet calm voice.  By doing this your Bulldog will see that you have the control over the situation.  They will also come to understand that acting out aggressively in this way is not okay.

  • Aggressive Bulldogs vs. People

    If your Bulldog is acting aggressively towards people then this is not okay.  In fact, you need to take steps to stop the behavior from occurring before your Bulldog hurts someone.  If you cannot stop aggressive Bulldogs yourself, then you may want to look at hiring a professional dog trainer.  These trainers can come to your home and will help you control the situation.

There you have it – some fantastic tips on stopping aggressive Bulldogs.  And remember, if your Bulldog is acting out aggressively then it’s vital you take steps to stop the behavior as possible.  So don’t delay – start stopping your Bulldogs aggression today.

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